how to see who views your tiktok (2023)

How To See Who Viewed Your Tiktok Video

hey what's up guys welcome back to,today's video it's zig the programming,guy in today's video guys i'm going to,show you how to see who viewed your,tick-tock videos guys this is actually a,new update on tick tock and i'm very,excited to make this video because um,for those of you who um used to watch,people's video without liking commenting,it's time to catch you guys i will start,seeing you guys and i'm going to know,that you hate me and that's why you,don't want to,view you don't want to like my video you,just view you don't want to like it so,guys and i'm very sure you guys are,excited to um this update just came in,recently um if you want to do that,without wasting much of your time go to,your profile once you're on your profile,there's something you need to do first,before you can be able to get this,update which i'm going to tell you later,on but first of all let me show you my,video and um show you how you can see,how we viewed it now if you see this is,my video and it has one view okay now if,i open this video right here,maybe you won't have these updates right,now i'm going to show you what it takes,for you to get it now if i click on this,play button all right let me go back and,show you that again now at the bottom,left corner you see one view right click,on that,if you click on that this is where you,will see who viewed your video but if,you see what it says right here some,viewers won't be shown due to their,account settings so there's at least,something you need to do before people,can be able to see um that hey this,person viewed my video or something like,that okay let me go back,to my profile so guys i want to show you,now what you have to do for people to,know that your video profile sorry for,people to know that you viewed the,tiktok videos and also for them to know,that you viewed their ticktock videos,okay so if you want to do that click on,these menu icon or these three lines at,the top right corner of your screen,once you click on that go to settings,and privacy,once you're on settings and privacy go,to privacy,all right once you're right here just,scroll down,then you'll find this option that says,post views go ahead and click on that,once you click on that now you find out,that this toggle button is turned on and,this simply means that i have allowed,people,you i'm following to see that i viewed,their post and also i can see that they,viewed my own post if these settings is,being turned on to on their own account,so guys um i can choose to turn it off,if i like and once it's been turned off,if i view that um tick tock videos,they're not going to know that i view,their ticket of videos so but let me,just go ahead and turn that on,okay so guys um this is how you can at,least you viewed your videos on tiktok,this is actually a new update so guys if,you want to get more updates like this i,make videos on this channel every single,day,so um consider subscribing to this,channel and give this video a like if,this video was helpful to you thanks for,watching i love you guys bye and i'll,see you my next video

I Can't See Who Viewed My TikTok Profile

I Can't See Who Viewed My TikTok Profile

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm gonna walk you through why you can't,see who viewed your tiktok profile,it's pretty quick and easy so let's jump,right in,now tiktok has a great new feature that,allows you to see exactly who viewed,your profile,but if it's not showing up for you or,not working very well i can walk you,through the steps so that you can enable,it and get it working,now let's just open up tiktok here,and,let's tap on our profile icon at the,bottom right here,you can see at the top right is a little,eye icon,and i can tap on that and it says,profile views and it'll show me who's,viewed my profile in the last 30 days,now i can follow this person and i can,press the,settings icon the gear icon at the top,right here,and i could toggle off profile view,history if i wanted to here but if we,want this and it doesn't show up,one of the things that you can do,is to make sure that you've kind of,reset any kind of bugs in the app itself,and reinstalled a fresh version so,i would recommend going into your,settings here,and then going down to general,and then iphone storage,once you get there it'll load up all of,your apps and you can go down to tiktok,here,and we'll just offload that app and,reinstall it,so what this does is it refreshes the,app and the core system files within,that app and it gives you the latest,version of that app so,it'll refresh everything and it should,get all of those views on your profile,enabled and that i icon enabled again,so let's open up tick tock again,and go to the profile,and if you still don't see that eye icon,there are a couple things that you can,do,one is you can tap on the three lines at,the top right,and then tap on settings here,and we will tap on,manage account at the very top,oh not that one privacy sorry privacy,the second option,and what you can do here is where it,says private account if this is toggled,on then potentially you're not seeing,who viewed your profile because you have,a private account enabled so for,instance let me enable this and switch,to a private account,and then i'm going to go back out here,and then go to this i icon and you can,see,nothing appears here whereas i just went,through this when my account was on,public and you could see who viewed my,profile there's one person there so a,key here is that if you have your,account,set to private,you'll want to toggle it off,for you to be able to see who's viewed,your profile for some reason it just,doesn't show you that when your account,is switched to private here,now another thing is to just,check somebody else's phone and then,view your profile here and then once you,view your profile you can go on here and,see if it shows up but another thing you,can do is if it doesn't show up you,might just have profile views turned off,so if you scroll down here at the very,bottom,you can see profile views,and i can tap on that and it says,profile view history is on so of course,if that is toggled off,then you won't be able to see any of,that profile view history,so i want to toggle that on,now if you go through all of these steps,and you still don't have that eye icon,to show you who viewed your profile icon,i recommend reaching out to tiktok,customer support,to do that we can tap on the three lines,at the top right here,again go to settings and privacy,and then what we will do is scroll down,until we say report a problem tap on,that,and then it will pop up with a little,page,and we can go to account and profile,and then on here we can go to profile,page,and we can go to other,now it will say is your problem resolved,need and we'll tap need more help here,and this is where you can type in that,you're not able to see who viewed your,profile and the eye icon is not,appearing so you can type out what your,issue is maybe include your username on,tick tock and send it to ticktock,customer support because maybe it's a,bug,and that's the reason why you don't have,that enabled and they should get back to,you and enable it so you can see exactly,who viewed your tick tock profile,hope this helps let us know if you have,any questions in the comments below and,make sure to subscribe thanks

How To See Who Viewed Your Tiktok Profile

How To See Who Viewed Your Tiktok Profile

hi guys welcome back to today's video is,it the programming guy in today's video,i'm going to be showing you how to know,who viewed your ticktock profile so guys,tiktok decided to roll out this new,feature on tiktok to allow users to know,who viewed their profile,now this feature was probably released,in the month of january 2022,but it's still not yet available for,so many users,so tick tock is still working on need to,get,this feature available across,so many countries,so i'm going to be showing you how to,use this feature because i just um got,this feature recently and then maybe,it's available to you or maybe not,so just let you just have to learn how,to use the feature then maybe if it gets,to you then you start using it so the,first step to take is to of course open,your tik tok app,and then once you open your tik tok up,you just have to head straight to your,tik tok profile,and then if you just go straight and,click on these three lines i top right,corner of your screen,now if you go to your settings and,privacy you won't find the option to do,that right here so it's not um,here you can find the option right here,it's um not here so just go back and,now from here from your profile just,look at the top of your screen you're,going to find this,eyes icon at the top now if you go ahead,and click on that,then you'll be able to find,your tick tock,view provide view history now,whenever you get a profile visitor,you'll find,the person right here now you can only,see,pro 5 visitors from the past 30 days,right here so right now i have no,profile visitor big this is because i,see them using the feature recently and,now probably i haven't gotten any,provide visitor,so once i start getting provide visitors,then i'll be able to find them here,so there is this um setting icon at the,top right corner so let's click on that,and know what we can find there,now,that um,setting icon can allow you to either,turn off this feature,so if you wouldn't like to see your,profile visitors or your profile viewers,now you can just go ahead and turn off,this feature and if you turn off the,feature,then you won't be able to see,your profile visitors anymore so let me,go back to my profile and click on the,icon again,now if i click on it then it will ask me,to turn it on so if you turn it on,that's only when you can be able to see,your profile visitors from the past 30,days so this is like you can know who,viewed your tick tock profile now i hope,you have this feature available on your,tick tock app or if you don't then don't,worry tiktok is still rolling out this,feature to more users,so very soon you're going to get yours,and you start making use of it now i,hope this uh video was helpful to you if,it was give this video a like and,equally subscribe for more videos like,this thanks for watching and i'll see,you in my next video

(Video) Can You See Who Viewed your TikTok Video

Why you can't see who viewed your Tiktok profile

Why you can't see who viewed your Tiktok profile

hello guys welcome back to today's video,in today's video i want to explain why,you can see who viewed your tiktok,profile now there are some reasons why,you can see who video tic top profile,i've actually made the video on how to,see with your tic top profile,that is actually a new release,on tick tock it's a new feature that has,been released on tick tock that allows,users to see who viewed their ticket,profile now for for instance at the top,of my screen you'll notice this eye icon,now if you go ahead and click on that,eye icon,that is the place where you can see with,your tick tock profile,but um people are complaining,and asking me,what is the reason why they can't see,movie tick.profile now i want to explain,why now the reason could be that you,haven't updated your ticktock profile,or,um this feature is not yet available in,your country,um simply because tick tock is still,ruling out this feature um across,several countries making sure that it,gets to all the countries,and also,tick tock is actually doing these,to individual users,so guys um,that simply means that you need to wait,until it gets to your turn and then they,are going to activate the picture on,your ticktalk account,now guys if you want to get this first,just make sure that your tick tock,account is updated,by simply going to play store,search for tick tock,and then once you search for tick tock,if you're able to see the update button,here it simply means your tick tock app,is not updated go ahead and click on,that in order to update it,now if it's updated and you still don't,have that uh feature,then you just have to wait and see that,feature is being activated by,um tick tock for you because tick tock,is actually still rolling out these,updates across users,so there is another way that you can,actually get this feature first um is by,reporting this problem to tick-tock so,you can just go to your settings and,privacy,scroll down to the bottom,and you find this report a plo,problem,now if you click on that,if you click on that you have to um,scroll down and,go to account and profile,and then once you're here,go ahead and click,on,manage account,all right,and then,click on,okay sorry sorry not manage your account,click on profile page which is the last,option there,okay and then,um select order,and then once it's laid out go ahead and,click on yes,and then um,click on need more help,now after clicking on that,then you have to state your problem so,i'm just going to say i,can't see,who viewed,my profile,i'm going to give a,space all right once you're done click,on the report button to report this,problem,and then tiktok is going to give you a,feedback within 24 hours okay guys so,this is how you can basically get,um the,feature on tick tock so that you can be,able to see who viewed your tiktok,profile,now i hope this works for you um,thanks for watching this video,subscribe to this channel for more,videos like this,bye and i'll see you my next video



algorithm change number one is that Tick,Tock has literally made it possible for,you to inspect the video and find out,why you're getting shown that video AKA,they're literally telling you why the,video went viral and the reason that,they're doing this is because they want,your post to go viral with this latest,Tick Tock algorithm update and since you,clicked on this video I'm gonna guess,that you're in one of two scenarios,either one you've been seeing a decrease,in the amount of views that you're,getting or maybe the amount of followers,that you're getting or you're brand new,to tick tock you haven't grown before,and you want to make sure that you grow,right now either way if you implement,everything that I share with you in this,video you are going to get results in,fact I guarantee it I hope this Creator,can 30 000 followers in just the last,few weeks this Creator 50 000 and this,Creator over a hundred thousand and they,are no different than you they simply,just knew the four things that I'm going,to share with you in this video but,again I need to warn you if you skipped,just one part of this video it's going,to be the reason that you're not,successful in Tick Tock right now but,before we could dive into these things I,need you to smash that subscribe button,if you want to grow quicker on Tick Tock,Instagram or YouTube I literally upload,a video about how to grow on these,platforms every single day in addition,to that I created a free Tick Tock,growth course that will share with you,things like the best time to post and,the best hashtags used right now in 20,23 so please go to the pink comment,below and get into it also here's my,phone number shoot me a text I literally,quit my job working for garyvee to help,you grow on social media so please hit,me up okay so essentially what you're,able to do now is you can go into a post,settings look like you're going to go,share the post and then essentially what,you're going to be able to see is why am,I seeing this the reason that it's going,to tell you why it's seeing it is going,to be for one of two reasons either one,it's something that's trending broadly,within the US AKA it's a broad Trend or,it's something that like a video that,you've interacted with in the past or,like a video that an account that you've,interacted with in the past post like so,what does this mean this means that you,now have audience insights into why,people are getting shown posts so,essentially what you want to do you want,to make sure that your for you page is,going to be content that is within the,niche that you're actually posting it,why do you make the mistake you might,have just hot girls on your for you page,you might have hot guys on your for you,page it might just be anime but you're,posting in fashion or whatever the case,is so you need to do one of two things,either one you need to only begin,interacting with things within your,Niche so that you can see what Tick Tock,is actually recommending within fashion,Tick Tock within Fitness Tick Tock,within crypto Tick Tock within book talk,whatever it is you need to actually see,what they're recommending I'm going to,share with you what to do with this,information later on in this video but,if right now you need to either do that,or you need to have a burner Tick Tock,account in which case you were only,going to interact with that content,because if you want to actually get your,content pushed out on Tick Tock this is,going to help you do it and it's going,to help you do it because it's going to,allow you to understand your audience,better you see The Tick Tock creator,that understands the audience the best,is going to be the one that is most,successful in 2023 because getting more,views on Tick Tock simply comes down to,controlling the topics of your videos,and the three other things I share with,you in this video but right now when it,comes to topics you need to understand,something let's do a prime example here,if you were a fitness Creator and you,were making Pub posts about biceps or,you were making a post about triceps,guess what there is a huge difference in,the amount of views that you get you,want to know why because a lot more,people want bigger biceps and want,bigger triceps now I know what you're,thinking Rob that's pretty stupid those,things should both be this same thing,it's both Fitness but it's not stupid,because at the end of the day all tick,tock cares about is keeping people on,the app so what do they do to keep,people on the app they show people,content now there are essentially two,types of content that does this one it's,going to be entertaining content the,second is going to be educational,content when it comes to educational,content listen I know that you're a,complete expert in whatever you're,talking about it might be crypto it,might be law I don't care what it is I,know you're an expert in it but if you,want to reach the most amount of people,you need to be talking to beginners,because not everybody need

(Video) How To See Who Views Your TikTok Profile.

HOW TO GROW ON TIKTOK IN 2023 | The only TikTok growth video you'll ever need to watch

HOW TO GROW ON TIKTOK IN 2023 | The only TikTok growth video you'll ever need to watch

here's the exact strategy for how to,grow quickly on Tick Tock even if you're,starting from zero because no you are,not too late and make sure you stay till,the end where you'll also learn some of,the most common mistakes creators are,making that are stopping them from,seeing the results that they want to see,believe it or not the first step you're,going to take to grow on Tick Tock is,not going to be create content your,first step is to study the platform if,you want to dominate a platform you'll,need to know the ins and outs of that,platform what makes it breathe what,makes it come to life how do you study,Tick Tock by consuming the content from,a strategic approach instead of a,Mindless approach Tick Tock is a video,app that was designed to suck Us in and,scroll for hours on end and it succeeds,in doing that so you need to create,separation of when you're mindlessly,scrolling and on the app to be,entertained from when you're opening the,app to be intentional and to study the,content that you're coming across when,you're being intentional you want to be,looking for what works what doesn't work,what keeps you watching what sort of,things capture your attention from the,very beginning is it the shot itself is,it the text that's popping up is it what,the person says and on the flip side,what makes you scroll past a video at,what point does a video get boring to,you what could have been done to make it,more engaging what gets you to send a,video to a friend are you coming across,any trending sounds or audios that are,being used multiple times if you spend,just 30 minutes a day even studying the,platform when you open it up instead of,immediately getting sucked in you'll be,surprised how quickly you'll pick up on,things to adapt into your own strategy,and naturally studying will come natural,to you over time as you continue to,study the platform you'll notice you'll,start getting ideas for your own pieces,of content to create so later in this,video I'll teach you how to organize,your ideas and plan out your content,calendar but first let's prepare your,pro profile for visitors but Amelia I,want to start posting I want to create I,just want to grow here's the thing,Meredith if you skip this step you'll,regret it when one of your videos go,viral and you don't get any followers,from it a problem that a lot of people,run into is they jump straight into the,grind they're posting and posting and,boom one of the videos go viral,and wrong one million views later you,haven't gotten any new followers from it,so what happened there's obviously a,disconnect that's happening from your,video to your profile so what's really,important is how you set up your profile,before you even start posting how can,you convince someone to follow you,simply by glancing at your page or at,least increase that percentage of people,who do land on your page to follow you,let me break everything down for you you,have your profile photo username name,name bio and Link choice for when that,option is available your profile photo,and your username these go hand in hand,you want both of these to be clear on,who you are and what you want to be,known for so if you want to be in the,health and wellness industry and you,want to be known for Smoothie bowls and,awesome recipes maybe your handle will,be Jade wellness and the profile photo,will be a picture of you in the kitchen,holding a smoothie Bowl,you know create the atmosphere of your,page right away from those two things,then you have your name this is the part,that shows up on the very very top of,your profile some people discount this,right off the bat but it's actually more,important than you think this is where,you want to put how you want other,people to find you or discover you,because this section is extremely search,friendly if you go to tick tock right,now and you search smoothie recipes then,you toggle over to the tab that says,users anyone who has the term smoothie,recipes in their name will appear in,those search results so what's that,title for you or phrase that will help,people find you social media coach book,talk coffee reviews modern home decor,what is that phrase that someone might,actually type into the search engine to,come across your account put those juicy,terms keywords whatever you want to call,them into your name now let's get into,your bio at the time of filming this,Tick Tock allows 80 characters in your,bio which doesn't feel like a lot to me,when you compare it to Instagram's what,150. now how you craft your bio is going,to look completely different depending,on what your goals are with your page,but just in general the most common,mistake I see people make with their,bios is making it about themselves wifey,mother of two with a fur baby wine and,coffee fanatic catch me in a snuggie,I don't know what that was I'm sorry,instead what I like to do and what works,really well for me and many other,businesses and creators is communicate,the value that you and your page,provid

How to Grow Your TikTok Account: 11 Tips

How to Grow Your TikTok Account: 11 Tips

(Video) How To See Who Viewed Your Tiktok Profile (NEW!)

- TikTok is an amazing way togrow your following online.,While it may be easierthan other platforms,,it still requires strategy.,In this video, I'm gonna be teaching you,how to grow your TikTok account, today.,(upbeat music),Make sure you stick around to the end.,I'm gonna be sharing withyou my number one tip,on how to use TikTok live togrow your account, super fast.,Okay, so my first tip isthat you wanna be posting,about four to eight times a day.,I know you're like, fourto eight times a day?,But we're talking about seven seconds,,eight second videos, maybe 15 seconds.,And what happens is that,,when you post that amountof content per day,,it's pushed out to alltypes of different people,and that is how you'regrowing your account fast.,Now you're not gonna bedoing the same exact thing.,For example, sometimesI'll teach on Instagram,or TikTok or business.,Other times I'm just being funny.,And then because I'm agood dancer, I'll dance.,And so all eight of my videosare very, very different,but they're doing the exact same thing,,they're bringing people back to me.,When you're posting thatfrequently, like four times a day,,you're giving yourself a huge opportunity,to reach four different types of people,and that's gonna help yougrow your account super fast.,Now my second tip is, anytime TikTok,comes out with a brandnew feature, use it.,That goes for any social media platform.,So when you see somethingbrand new pop-up,,use it and TikTok is gonnapush you out even more,and that's just gonna helpyou reach more people.,For my third tip, participatein any kinda trends you see,on the For You page.,And how do you know ifsomething is trending?,That's when you're on the For You page,and you're scrolling and you keep seeing,the exact same thing overand over and over again.,You can do a trend just like that.,The reason that it's trending,is because everybody's doing it.,And so you have an opportunity to do it,and flip it to matchyour particular niche.,Now, a pro tip is thatwhen you do flip it,,change the ending because theway you go viral on TikTok,is causing people to watch your video,over and over and over again.,Now, how do you get them to do that?,That's doing somethingthat's kinda trending,but then you flip the ending.,And my fourth tip is,create your own trends.,Now, what do I mean by that?,That could be you creating your own dance,,your own audio or whatever.,And one of the benefits,of creating your own trends is that,,people will pick it up and do your trend.,Also, what happens isthat when big creators,pick up your trend,they start tagging you.,And what does that mean?,That means millions of people,start doing the trend,,tagging you, tagging you, tagging you.,Next thing you know, you're TikTok famous.,And my fifth tip is, go live daily.,Now, it's important to note,that in order to go live,,you have to have at least 1,000 followers.,One of the things I love about live stream,is that it has given me an opportunity,to truly connect with my community.,Whereas with my videos,they're kinda talking to me,but on live stream, it'slike back and forth.,Now, listen, before youactually hit that live button,,create a TikTok video andpost it to your account,and then go live.,Because something happenson the For You page,,something happens with thelive stream and your video,and it usually causes an explosion.,I had a video where I posted it on TikTok.,It was just seven seconds andI went live for about an hour.,When I got off the video,I had 10,000 new followers.,By the end of the week, Ihad 67,000 new followers.,If you're asking, what do Italk about when I go live?,We're gonna talk about that alittle later on in the video.,If you're getting value out of this video,,can you do me a favor and hit like?,'Cause what that does is itreally helps out the channel.,And my sixth tip is, create a series.,Now, I know you're saying,what do you mean by a series?,Well, I'll give you an example.,Let's just say, you're like Marie Kondo,and you help people toorganize their home.,Well, you create a series like three part,,five part or even sixpart and you get on TikTok,and do a 15 second video saying,,how to organize your home, part one.,What that does is, yes, itcauses people to watch your video,but it also causes them to come back,to see the next dayabout the second video.,And somebody else may havecaught your third video,from the For You pagebut what does that do?,That causes them to goback to your account,to watch video number one and number two,and now they're bingewatching and they're hooked,and you end up with a brand new follower.,And a big tip is give people areason to come back tomorrow.,You have to say it in your video,,which could be, this is part one,or come back for part two,,they end up coming back for part two.,And my seventh tip is create content,that lends itself to be stitched.,What that means is that youcreate a piece of content,and then a creator will takea bite sized piece of yo

How Much TikTok Paid Me For 1,000,000 Views

How Much TikTok Paid Me For 1,000,000 Views

hey everybody in today's video i want to,show you exactly how much tiktok paid me,for a million views on tick tock,and if you're not familiar with this,tick tock basically has this thing,called the tick tock creator fund,and they paid the content creators on,there a certain amount of money based on,how many views they get,now you do have to apply and you do have,to qualify,to get in but i just made a video on,everything i did to get approved for,that,so watch that if you want to join the,creator fund here i just want to show,you exactly the analytics,of the million views in a couple of days,and then exactly how much they paid for,those views,that match up with those days and with,tick-tock you could use the tick-tock,app here for all of that,and you could use also and,log in,and see some of your analytics on there,so i got 3.8 million views since,i actually joined about seven eight days,ago but a lot of those views were before,i joined the creator fund but here on,the tick tock app basically,if you have a creator account and you,join the fun you,you get this thing called the creator,tools if you jump in here,they have the creator fund over here but,i'll show you the analytics here,so you can see how it matches up with,the video views here so,if you go to this page what i got paid,for was,875 000 views here and 136 here,and 107 so about 1.2 million views,if you add all these up now the problem,is,you do already have to get to a hundred,thousand so the couple bigger viral,videos before that million views like,these two million views,so almost the 2.9 million views before,that didn't get monetized because it,takes a few,days to apply and then to get in after,you go viral for the first time,so let me show you what that adds up to,here under the creator fun tab so today,you can see i got a dollar,so let's look at the dashboard here so,the day,i got accepted for about 200 000 views,i got six dollars and then the day after,that,this is about 875 000 views,about 23. and then the day after that,three dollars so i didn't go viral after,this video i did go viral,multiple times previous to this video,though but i was not,in the tick tock creator fun at that,time so so far,this is about five days worth of revenue,about,36 but i did come up with a pretty good,strategy for going viral so i was able,to do it three times in seven days,but it doesn't happen every single time,and i did make a video on exactly,how i structured my video to go viral,but the real power of tick tock is not,how much they pay you for the creator,fund,it's the ability to go viral get a lot,of viewers and then get people to other,platforms or products or services,so for example what i ended up doing is,i put my youtube,channel here to try to get people to go,to youtube that didn't work so well,though because here's the problem if you,click on this,it opens a browser here so it's really,hard here to subscribe,what you want to do is actually link up,here i did it with instagram where it,takes you directly to instagram,i was able to get a couple of hundred,followers using this method,so i recommend you could link instagram,and youtube here but you could link your,website here so if you have a product or,a service,that's a good place again you need the,creator fund to add that but i want to,make a follow-up video in a few days to,show you a bunch of other ways to make,money on tick tock because the,the fact of the matter is it's so much,easier to go viral on tick-tock than any,other platform,so you could utilize that virality and,not just rely on the creator fund,because as you saw it's not very much,money so it doesn't make sense for,creators to rely on it,but you could rely on that attention and,get people to youtube and other,platforms,that'll follow up in the next upcoming,video and i'm also making a video,comparing one million views on tic tac,to 1 million views on youtube i want to,show you exactly how much i get paid for,both,so you could kind of get a comparison,it's really mind-blowing i'll post that,below as soon as it's released,i hope you found this useful please give,it a thumbs up i'll see you next time

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